The YCTP program provides interactive, hands-on workshops, seminars, and activities for middle school and high school students seeking to gain valuable exposure in leading edge technology topics. This program gives students the opportunity to network with young entrepreneurs, and other youths from around the city who are pursuing academic and professional futures in the computer technology industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to take part in a technology program specifically tailored to meet the needs of today’s Youth!


The YTC is held in conjunction with the BDPA National Technology Conference. This is a three-day event held daily form 8:00am-5:00pm, Wednesday to Friday. On Friday, YTC participants will take an offsite tour at a high tech company or university to introduce the students new skill that will empower them to take control of their future. 

Workshops and Seminars


Each year seminars cover four areas to inspire career development:

  • Emerging Tech – Wireless, Bio-metrics, Digital Imaging, Video Production, and Security
  • Professional Development – Internships, Information of Careers in IT, Youth Entreprenuership, Networking Computers, Software Development, and Building a Computer
  • Academic Enhancement – College Selection and Scholarships, SAT/ACT Preparation, and Lfelong Learning SKills
  • Personal Development – Managing Money, Etiquette and Verbal Presentations skills


Offsite Activities

  • Campus Tour – Visit universities or engineering or technology labs, while learning more about preparing for college
  • High Tech Tour – Lear of Emerging Technology at local high tech companies